Alan Belcher’s opponents will need a new target to go after, as First Round passes the pic above to, displaying the removal of his infamous Johnny Cash tattoo. As reminded by the source, Belcher’s upcoming opponent Michael Bisping has used the tattoo as reason to insult him relentlessly in the media.

 “If he wants an easy fight he should sue his tattooist for that abomination on his arm,” said Bisping. “I know Belcher has vision problems right now but we still have to look at that mess. He’s got a lot of nerve calling me an asshole when he walks round with that on him. Although lets be fair, the real asshole is the tattooist who drew that.”
No comment from “The Talent” or management as of now. Alan Belcher is set to fight Michael Bisping on UFC 159 on April 27, live on pay-per-view. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the removal. Good idea or bad?
P.S., today is April 1st. ;)