Last week, Fedor Emelianenko’s representatives at M-1 Global, (which is now partnered with Strikeforce after being turned down a partnership with UFC) are filing a lawsuit against Affliction over the cancellation of their very hyped PPV event “Trilogy” this past summer. In the suit, M-1 alleges that Affliction canceled the event, but Brett Rogers was ready, willing and able to fill in for Josh Barnett as a last minute replacement, but for some reason never came to be, until his past weekend at the Strikeforce event on CBS.

It was reported that Affliction filed a motion in civil court to dismiss the lawsuit. The promoting face of Affliction, Tom Atencio, responded to M-1’s lawsuit by saying Affliction would not be shaken down by the “Russian visitors”.

This is a rather unique case because when most promotions go out of business, you would suspect they have zero money to fight against a lawsuit, so normally you assume a loss is imminent.

However, not entirely in this situation. In Affliction’s case they still have a very popular clothing line and cash flow coming in, or so it would appear at first. The catch to that is – Affliction “Clothing” and Affliction “Entertainment” which is the fighting promotion, are two separate companies as was pointed out in the Kim Couture lawsuit against Todd Beard and Affliction a while back. So who’s footing the bill for the motion to dismiss the case? At this point we’re not too sure. It’s uncertain if the clothing company can be sued for damages caused by the promotion, but you never know what is possible in todays crazy world of expensive lawyers getting their clients off free as a bird with murder.

We will post updates as the legal battle unfolds, so check back often to catch all the details.