It used to be that the best fought the best, and there was a clear-cut path to the title if a fighter was good enough.

But then the UFC realized it liked making money and garnering tons of mainstream exposure, so trashtalkers – especially those who can back up their talk with action – got to skip ahead to the front of the line. Naturally, Conor McGregor is the biggest, most prominent example of this.

And naturally, he’s going to have haters because of it.

Add TUF winner Michael Chiesa to the list of haters… although to be fair, it sounds like he doesn’t hate the player as much as he hates the game.

As per MMAFighting:

I think it’s bullshit. I feel bad for the guys that have been leaped-frog by him. I do understand that there is an entertainment aspect to the sport and to this promotion, but I think you have to maintain the sport before you let a guy make moves like that. Do I like him being in my weight class? Yeah, because it’s a big money fight and I match up really well against him. I mean, I’d be one body-lock away from subbing him. Other than that, it doesn’t really… you know, I just feel bad for the Tony Fergusons, and the Nurmagomedovs, and these guys that have racked up these huge win streaks and they’re getting leaped-frogged by a dude, who really, I mean, we’ll find out if he has any business in our division on November 12, but until then, I don’t think he’s in the right spot. He needs to go back and do what’s right. He’s got Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis in his own weight class to deal with. So I hope Eddie puts him back down to 145, but if not welcome to your new home, welcome to the deep waters.