You may not know it from the UFC’s marketing of the bout, which is centered almost 100% around his opponent. But German featherweight Dennis Siver headlines UFC Fight Night 59 later this month in Boston, against Conor McGregor.

Siver may be a substantial betting underdog, but he boasts a 22-9-1 record, and may be getting unfairly ignored. He’s won eleven bouts in the promotion — having begun his UFC career before McGregor had even begun his MMA career.

Still, he’s been left out of the spotlight lately.

His luck may be changing though. The UFC announced some great news yesterday for Siver, and the rest of Germany’s Mixed Martial Arts scene.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, and other MMA events, had been banned from German TV broadcasts for several years now — dating back to a 2010 ruling by the Bavarian State Media Authority.

But yesterday, a ruling in the country’s capitol changed that.

Mixed Martial Arts, according to a statement on the UFC site, has been found to be “generally suitable for broadcast” and “a violation of general morality or undesirable influence on youth cannot be determined.”

“This verdict is a milestone for the UFC and for the many UFC fans in Germany,” Chief Global Brand Officer Garry Cook said. “The court has confirmed that it was illegitimate to ban our broadcast programs. We always had confidence in the German market and felt a responsibility to grow the sport and satisfy demand – this is why we fought against this ban. We will continue to work intensively to bring events, content and original programming to German viewers.”