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Since its inception in 1993, there have been probably less than a handful of fights in the UFC that ended in a questionable manner. Yes, I’m talking about fight “fixing”, where a competitor purposely loses for whatever reason.

It’s an insanely rare thing, though, due in part to how stringent athletic commissions can be about those things, but also due in part because the UFC has struggled for legitimacy for so long that the organization itself would crucify a fighter if they did something shady.

However, apparently when the UFC went to South Korea for UFC Fight Night 79, Tae Hyun Bang was going to make some extra dough losing to Leo Kuntz. And now Bang is in hot water.

As per the Korea Herald (and h/t to Luke Thomas over at MMAFighting):

Bang Tae-hyun has been accused of taking a bribe of 100 million won ($87,950) from match-fixing brokers in exchange for throwing a bout at the Ultimate Fighting Championship event in South Korea in 2015. He will face a trial without detention.

According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, Bang agreed to lose the contest against Leo Kuntz at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul. The scam, however, didn’t succeed as the lightweight fighter apparently changed his mind at the last moment and went on to beat Kuntz with a split decision.

Bang reportedly decided not to throw the match after UFC officials warned him about fight fixing following a sudden shift in betting patterns on gambling websites. The 34-year-old was first listed as the slight favorite against Kuntz, but just hours before the fight the UFC officials caught drastic changes in odds that made him the underdog and his American opponent the overwhelming favorite.