In case you were wondering why there’s so much Conor McGregor in the news, it’s because tonight is the debut of The Ultimate Fighter: Season 22, and the lovable scamp is a coach opposite Urijah Faber. Okay, so now that we’re all on the same page…

…McGregor is the gift that keeps on giving. Or, more aptly, his mouth is, as it continues to write checks that his body has thus far been able to cash. Today, it’s all about the Irishman harshing on featherweight foil Jose Aldo.

As per MMAFighting:

“I got tested. I get tested constantly, it’s his shady ass that doesn’t get tested over there in Brazil,” McGregor told Combate. “All this corruption is still over there. Some police officer from the gym arrested the guy who was taking the test. That is the shadiest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. So, I take the test, he doesn’t. Test his ass!”

Aldo recently spent some days in the United States to visit the Ultimate Fighter gym and be part of the “Go Big” press conference, and McGregor hopes he was drug tested by the Nevada Athletic Commission while in Las Vegas.

“He should’ve been tested right now, today or this whole period,” he said. “If he wasn’t, that’s disgraceful. We’ll see. I’ll ask if he was or was not tested.”

This is about the one hundredth time McGregor has accused Aldo of being a juicer. Amazingly, it’s entertaining each time, so bravo to McGregor for somehow keeping it fresh.