If you have not heard yet, the UFC is expanding out, taking on 24 hr fitness head on, and looks to already be off to an impressive start. So far only the Concord, CA UFC Gym has opened, but announcements are that the Rosemead, CA location will be opening shortly also. The Rosemead gym costed a whopping $4,000,00 to create and already it is causing drama in the city.

Rosemead councilman Gary Taylor is not a fan of the UFC and was quoted saying this at a recent council meeting on the subject:

“Watching those fights was ridiculous. They would hit somebody in the head, knocking them to the ground, then pounce on them and use both fists to beat their head while they are on the ground. I don’t understand that kind of fighting,” Taylor said at a recent city council meeting on the subject.

General Manager Ryan Junk tried to explain that the gym is not a training ground for MMA fighters, but a normal gym with MMA techniques applied to the aerobic classes. There will be no full sparring, which Taylor claimed would cause on-site street brawls.

“We are being held to a different set of standards than other fitness clubs out there,” UFC Gym Senior Vice President Adam Sedlack said. “Is UFC Gym a fight club? Absolutely not… Is UFC Gym a facility for future fighters? No.”

Taylor attempted to restrict the gym’s opening, but the city council voted 3-1-1 to allow the gym to open as approved by the Planning Commission. Taylor voted no and Mayor Maggie Clark abstained.

You cannot always please everyone, but hopefully in time the UFC Gyms further shows the world the good sides of MMA, and that MMA training provides great health and does not mean you have to go punch someone in the face once you reach that new physical health.