It’s not easy in this day and age for a female athlete coming up in mixed martial arts. This is something Strikeforce headliners Miesha Tate (12-2) and Ronda Rousey (4-0) know much about.  During the recent Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey post-fight press conference we heard both girls talk on their past hardships prior to landing the opportunity at hand.

Fighting to the best of your ability take enormous time and commitment said Tate. It hurts every day. Injuries are a given. It starts in the amateurs, when there is no money. Then, when you first turn pro, you are an actual hundredaire. After expenses, you still have nothing.”

Miesha a former employee of McDonalds as an amateur, moved on to Costco as she turned pro. Tate’s career started  in a mobile home trailer, with her boyfriend and fellow fighter, Bryan Callen. They shared the small space with a room-mate as well, parked outside their training gym’s parking lot.

We did that to cut costs so I wouldn’t have to work, so that I could dedicate only time to training and fighting,” Tate said. “I feel that was the right decision. It definitely paid off.”

Olympic Judo medalist, Rousey can relate as she can remember a time when she struggled to buy McDonalds coffee.

I don’t have to sit around and listen to creeps all night long while I’m chugging down 7-Eleven coffee,” said Rousey. “I don’t have to worry about going to McDonald’s and realizing I don’t have any cash in my wallet and realizing my credit card is maxed out and I can’t afford McDonald’s coffee.”

“I don’t have those problems any more, and all I have to do is have fun while talking to you guys. It’s not a real chore, is it?”

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