Strikeforce is again in search of an opponent for the newly acquired Bobby Lashley (4-0) for his debut bout scheduled to take place at the Strikeforce Miami event.

It was at first supposed to be Lashley facing off against Yohan Banks, the likes of which we have not seen in a cage since September of 2008 which also brings about the question why did they think Banks was a formidable opponent in the first place being inactive for so long?

Strikeforce officials confirmed today that Yohan Banks was denied by the Florida State Boxing Comission on the basis of being “non competitive” quite possibly having to do with his long time out of the cage.

Strikeforce is now scrambling to find a suitable replacement for Lashley, I would say give him Antonio Silva or Mike Kyle for his debut bout. Both are reputable Strikeforce heavyweights, but not the top of the heavyweight Strikeforce food chain, therefore really validating Lashley’s place within MMA given that he pulls out a win.

As soon as an opponent is announced we will be posted an update so stay tuned.