It was rather peculiar to say the least when we received the notification from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) that the tests from the fighters on the Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman had come up ‘invalid.’ Not long after, the CSAC interim Exec. Kathi Burns followed up with another email.

“The results of the drug testing for the August 18, 2012 Strikeforce event will be provided later this week or early next week. I spoke with the lab just a few moments ago and found that a delay in processing the results has occurred due to a simple, but correctable clerical error.”

As media outlets requested more details, Burns refused to answer. Burns a longtime employee of Consumer Affairs was handling her first event in combat sports as she is admittedly ‘not a fan’. More importantly it’s reported that the overzealous exec with zero experience in handling drug testing had taken it upon herself to solely handle testing and only test the headliners Ronda Rousey and Sarah Kaufman. What is most odd about this is there was said to be professional inspectors on site that should have been handling the tests instead.

The motives behind Burns’ actions are reported to be due to her desire to stop inspectors Sarah Waklee and Brandon Saucedo from their jobs as inspectors in order to have them work the front desk full-time in the department.

The UCLA testing facility had then ran into problems with the tests provided by Burns due to ‘labeling.’ In the end the two tests were negative and the labeling issue was no longer in question. Should there had been a positive testing from either, it would of been hard for the commission to go forward with a suspension without being 100% as to who failed.

As if the sport did not have enough issues with officiating, the CSAC is now in question of being incompetent after an overzealous exec tries to power play her subordinates.