The final heavyweight battle in the Zuffa owned Strikeforce promotions between recent Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier (10-0) and former UFC champ Frank Mir (16-6) now has a finalized date. Originally targeted for Sept. 29, the organization has elected the bout to take place on Nov. 4 on a Sunday night for the first time, going oddly against NFL’s popular Sunday Night Football. In the past, Showtime has aired events on Friday night (challenger series) and Saturday night strictly.

The likely decision for the location is due to headliner, Cormier graduating from Oklahoma. Mir has let it be known that he expects to be the heel in their Nov. 4 meet-up.

With Mir coming off a loss to current UFC champ Junior dos Santos after a mid-camp opponent change due to Alistair Overeem testing with elevated T/E levels, Mir can expect to come in as an underdog . The undefeated Cormier has vanquished all opponents in his 10 fight career, last seen taking out former UFC champ and Grand Prix finalist Josh Barnett. Prior to that the Olympian put to sleep the very large Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

Win, lose or draw, Cormier and Mir are expected to make their way back to the UFC as  Strikeforce shuts down their heavyweight division. Should Cormier’s AKA partner, Cain Velasquez win the title Dec. 29, Daniel has made it clear that he will be slimming down to 205 pound division where he would like to test himself against the dominant Jon Jones.