Strikeforce Challenger 10 winners and headliners Joe Riggs, and Miesha Tate left with much fatter pockets this past Friday night. recently requested and today received the list of official disclosed paydays from the Arizona State Boxing Commission.

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The salaries may be much lower than your average UFC payout or even that of a big name on a smaller promotion. This is because the challenger series is held to help Strikeforce fighters move up through the ranks to the big shows and make the big money.

Strikeforce 10 payouts:

Joe Riggs: $15,000
def. Louis Taylor: $2,000

Miesha Tate: $18,000*
def. Hitomi Akano: $4,900#

Ryan Couture: $3,000
def. Lucas Stark: $1,000

Hitomi Akano: see above
def. Carina Damm: $2,100

Miesha Tate: see above
def. Maiju Kujala: $1,750

Liz Carmouche: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Colleen Schneider: $1,000

Chris Gruetzemacher: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Ryan Diaz: $500

Jason Richey def. Edmund Xehili^
Joel Champion def. Sean Scott^
Rob Anderson def. Alonzo Fears^
Andres Acuna def. Edwin Louis^
Frankie Saenz def. Jace Crawford^

+ – $8,000 ($4,000 to show/$4,000 win bonus) for semis and $10,000 ($5,000/$5,000) for finale
# – $2,800 for semis ($1,400/$1,400) and $2,100 for finale
^ – Amateur bout

Disclaimer: Figures do not include deductions for insurance, taxes, licensing, and sponsor payments.