Shane Del Rosario continues his dominance in the Strikeforce heavyweight division within the first round again with an armbar submission victory over brawler Lavar Johnson. Del Rosario now likely the number one reserve should any heavyweights in the tourney become injured or unable to compete Del Rosario is expected to step in. Here is the short action play by play:

Round One:
Right away Johnson comes forward and Del Rosario counters with a kick to the mid-section. Johnson clinches and gets a trip takedown. Johnson gets a little ground and pound as Del Rosario scrambles back up. High kick lands for Del Rosario. Johnson fails a takedown. Johnson fakes and lands a big shot to the stomach. Del Rosario comes forward with a flurry of punches and kicks and works Johnson to the ground with a takedown. Rosario gets to full mount and rains down punches. Rosario isolates an arm with a knee and transfers to arm bar and finishes with Johnson standing! The official time of 4:31 of the first is given.

Del Rosario now 11-0 carries notable victories over Lavar Johnson, Lolohea Mahe, Brandon Cash, and Lloyd Marshbanks.