It’s a question that has been on every MMA fan’s mind for awhile now; “When will Fedor Emelianenko make his way back into the MMA scene?” Well, recently Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, spoke with MMAWeekly Radio about the notorious back and forth between Fedor and Strikeforce. He’s only fought with the promotion twice, and had his first ever loss against Fabricio Werdum at his last fight. Any discussions between Strikeforce and M-1 Global have a reputation for taking a very long time to reach any conclusion, Scott Coker stated that this time isn’t any different,

“As everybody knows we have a negotiation ongoing with M-1 right now, and I wish I had a simple answer, but it’s an ongoing negotiation,” said Coker.

And although a clear-cut deal has not been reached as of yet, Coker stated that he remains optimistic the two organizations will come to an agreement…eventually.

“I feel good about it, I feel good about the negotiations,” he said. “Whether you’re dealing with Dream, or you’re dealing with M-1, or any foreign company there’s always a translation issue, and there’s always a cultural issue, and there’s just a lot of barriers that will come. We’re trying to navigate through the waters and get a fair deal for everybody.”

And even though no known opponent has been lined up for “The Last Emperor,” Coker did reveal that Fedor will definitely be coming back into the MMA limelight this coming year.

“Fedor will be fighting, I want to say sometime in the first quarter of 2011,” Coker said. “I believe that’s when he’ll be fighting in the cage.”

What do you guys think, who should Fedor’s next opponent be? Let us know your thoughts!