A new belt and now a new camp says newly crowned Ronda Rousey. No surprise that Rousey would choose the  ‘209’ Stockton crew as her new training camp for April as Nick Diaz and Rousey recently hit it off during a sparring session.

“Yeah, I’m going up there from the 3rd to the 16th (of April) and it’s going to be the first time ever since I started doing MMA that I’m going to be training for an actual extended period of time away from my core camp, who I’ve always been with,”

Rousey may be the queen of armbars, but she’s aware that she still has holes in her game which she hopes to patch up in Stockton, CA.

“When I did judo I used to go around all the time, like every month or so I would go away for a week or two weeks to go train somewhere else,” said Rousey. “For some reason it’s something I never did in MMA, so they invited me to come train up there, and they’re good at a bunch of things that I need to work on so I’m super excited. It’s going to be the first time I’m training away from home in a long time.”

Rousey is expected to make her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman later this year. When that time comes we may just see a new striking and (advanced) mugging game we’ve yet to see from the young talent.

“Oh yeah definitely, I hope it does,” Rousey said when asked if working with the Diaz brothers could become a regular part of her camp. “But I love L.A., I’ll never move away from here.”

Source: MMAWeekly.com