Right after he fight, Ronda Rousey sat down to speak about her now infamous armbar against Miesha Tate, making Rousey the new Women’s Strikeforce Bantamweight Champion.

“Her defense was a lot better than I thought it would be, she’s very good at creating spaces.”

I feel like my ground game is so much better than any of the other girls, that what makes my game so affective is I take a lot of risks in everything that I do,  I don’t mind giving up position because I know that I’m not in any danger. I know that even if she totally sunk a rear-naked choke, that she wouldn’t be able to tap me out, even if she totally had  an armbar, I would be able to get out of it”

“So, I didn’t feel threatened by her at all, so I didn’t mind taking a lot of risks in trying to attack.”