The Zuffa marketing machine is out in full force. The I am a Fighter commercials have been used before for various UFC PPV’s, but it has only been relegated for big stars like Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. Well, it looks like all the faith that Dana has gushed about Ronda was well placed as the money is coming to make her a star. If she performs as well as everyone thinks she will this coming weekend she may surpass Gina as the biggest female MMA star to date.

The video itself is quite touching though. It is not the typical tough talking Ronda we are used to seeing. We actually see a more intimate, sincere, emotional side. You can hear the sadness in her voice when she talks about her father who passed away when she was young. Also, when she talks about how her Mom supported her and the rest of her family all while being a high level athlete. She says the belief her father had in her at such a young age is what propelled her to the Olympics, and what ultimately put her on a path to MMA. It is quite a story that has never been heard before, and as she become a bigger and bigger star I am sure we will meet many more sides to Ronda.