Following the buyout of Strikeforce promotions by UFC parent company Zuffa LLC., Nick Diaz voices somewhat of a lack of respect for his current employer and title. From the sounds of things Diaz no longer cares to be Strikeforce champ and now aims for UFC Gold.

“Honestly, I don’t understand this whole thing. I’m really way too busy training and in the gym, so I’m focused on that.It’s hard for me to understand all what’s going on. But I knew there was a reason why I never strapped that belt around my waist. Whatever, champion, whatever. He can have the belt. I’m fighting for money.”

“I don’t feel like a champion right now that the UFC bought this organization. I don’t understand all that, you know?

“I thought we were competing with the UFC. I thought my belt might have been just as important or potentially just as important as the UFC belt. And we had the best fighters here. The more technical martial artists and stand-up fighters here in Strikeforce. But now this is all about going to the UFC so I don’t care about the Strikeforce belt. There was a reason why I never put that s— on anyways.”

“I’m trying to go to the top … you know?”