Nick Diaz continues onto a nine fight win-streak defeating Cyborg Santos at Strikeforce: Diaz vs Santos in San Jose, CA.


Neither touch gloves, and Cyborg throws a spinning back kick and follows with two low kicks. Third lands. Fourth and fifth land and Diaz comes forward and ties up against the cage. Diaz lands a stiff jab on Cyborg. Cyborg lands over and over the inside kicks. Diaz gets backed up by a right. Diaz comes forward landing three jabs. Both men throwing haymakers with neither flinching. Diaz’s knee is starting to give. Diaz is getting tagged by haymakers and comes forward. Diaz stumbles Cyborg and tags now from the legs. Cyborg now very gassed coming slowly. Diaz continues forward tagging and Cyborg survives.


Cyborg lands a high kick and some inside leg kicks. Cyborg comes out winning in an exchange of hooks. Diaz may be trying to let Cyborg punch himself out. Cyborg lands elbow inside and Diaz tries to return but misses. Cyborg lands more inside kicks. Cyborg misses the muay thai clinch. Both men still tossing without regard and landing about 50% of the time now. Diaz switches to southpaw. Cyborg lands a knee. Both men finally backup and Diaz mocks Cyborg and pays with inside leg kicks. Diaz is starting to out land Cyborg and Cyborg lands an odd spinning low leg kick and chains to a takedown and the advanced Nick Diaz finishes with an armbar.

Nick Diaz now carries notable wins over Evangelista Santos, K.J. Noons, Hayato Sakarai, Marius Zaromski, Scott Smith, and Frank Shamrock.