Mike Kyle had a big opportunity in his fight against Gegard Mousasi. With a win he would have entered the UFC, and could have played a big factor at 205 going forward. Unfortunately, a rear naked choke from Mousasi ended his night, and now his former opponent moves on into the UFC with many people asking what’s next for Kyle? Well, his fans will not have to wait long for his answer, but they are most likely going to be unhappy with it. That’s because Kyle has retired from MMA, stating that he just does not have it anymore. What “it” is most likely is the fire to compete in the sport of MMA.

Mike Kyle during post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani: “It’s not in me anymore. That was my last one.”

Kyle’s career was a long one with him making his debut back in 2001 with him going 7-2 through his first nine fights. That earned him a shot in the UFC where he went 2-1. He holds knockout wins over Wes Sims and James Irvin. After his UFC stint, he went a paltry 1-3-1, and was began being seen as a ‘dirty fighter.’ In fact, Sims said he had bitten him in their bout, and Kyle was disqualified for illegal strikes in another bout.

After that Kyle stared to rebuild, which earned him a shot in Striekforce. He only went 3-3-1, but five wins in other promotions helped his record out. Kyle’s biggest wins have come over the aforementioned Irvin and Sims, but his second round knockout of Rafael Cavalcante will always be one of his signature performances. It’s sad to see a veteran like Kyle go, but it is better than him sticking around too long. Now he can leave the sport when he feels right and is not forced out.