And still reigning champ, Gilbert Melendez. The trilogy of Melendez vs. Thomson has ended in spectacular fashion, with an all out five round war. Here is the full play by play.

Round One:
They come forward quickly. Thomson catches melendez as he changes levels. Thomson gets the trip takedown, Melendez pops up. Counter lands for Thomson. Melendez shoots and gets the double leg against the fence. Thomson uses the fence to get back standing. Melendez lands a right uppercut and knee. Both gauge with the jab. Thomson lands a combo ending with a kick.

CagedInsider gives the round a draw

Round Two:
Melendez comes forward and takes center control. High kick blocked by Melendez. Melendez lands to the body and Thomson clinches. Melendez breaks loose. Thomson comes forward with a combo that catches the champ. Thomson caught with uppercut. Thomson poked in the eye and they take a quick break. Melendez shoots in and gets the takedown against the fence again. Thomson slowly slips up and Melendez makes him pay as he stands with a combo. Thomson shoots in and it’s stuffed by Melendez as the round ends.

CagedInsider gives the round to Melendez 10-9

Round Three:
Thomson switches soouth paw, then back. Melendez shoots and Thomson stuffs and makes him pay witha  serious of counters. Both men start to throw freely, with Thomson getting the better of the exchanges. Thomson gets another leg trip throw. Melendez looks confident starting to dodge the punches and comes in but eats some counters. The right eye of Melendez is starting to swell bad. Melendez eye pokes again and Thomson looks

CagedInsider gives the round to Thomson 10-9

Round Four:
Head kick lands for Thomson. Melendez takes the center and starts to use the jab. A straight right lands stiff on Melendez that wabbles the champ. Melendez shoots and gets the double-leg. takedown. Thomson able to get back up. Melendez lands a 1 – 2 combo. Thomson counters with a powerful leg kick. Melendez shoots and Thomson stuffs it. Leg trip surprises Melendez as Thomson capitalizes and takes the back. Melendez attempts to stand and gets his back taken. Melendez able to defend off the RNC but suffers a body triangle as the round ends.

CagedInsider gives the round to Thomson 10-9

Round Five
Melendez takes the center. Melendez shoots against the fence and gets him down briefly, but Thomson hops back up. Thomson stalks down Melendez. Right hook lands on Melendez. Left head kick lands for Thomson. Combo lands for Thomson. Failed takedown stuffed by champ. Melendez pokes the eye again and the ref breaks them. Both men sit in the pocket swinging with Thomson landing the better. Melendez stuffed on the takedown attempt. Trip takedown lands for Thomson and he works from the guard as the round ends.

Gilbert Melendez defeats Josh Thomson via split decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Melendez has now made his fifth straight title defense as he takes out the former champion once again. The champ has not tasted defeat since 2008, which was against the very opponent he has just defeated for the second time. With the division running out of opponents, Melendez is in dire need of a new challenger. Could the lack of talent force the dominating champ to be moved to the UFC? We hope so.