Strikeforce middleweight, and star of Bully Beatdown Jason Mayhem Miller received his jiu-jitsu blackbelt over the weekend from infamous trainer Rafael Cordeiro. Miller also runs into MMA videographer Layzie The Savage. Savage is known as a hardcore Nick Diaz fan that trash talked Miller numerous time in the MMA Underground forums. Miller tells the camera man Savage to leave pushing him out the door. The two then talk about Nick Diaz’s refusal to fight him. Since the incident, Savage has hinted at pushing charges for battery.

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Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller:

“There been so many times in my life when I’m like looking around the internet and said man I wish I knew who this guy was right now. I would go to his house and piss on his doorstep and out of nowhere I get to meet the dude that has been doing a one man campaign against me.”