The feud between Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and Nick Diaz is far from over. Here Miller talks about a recent confrontation with the Strikeforce champion following Diaz’s win over KJ Noons.

“I had just finished doing interviews in the back room, and I was walking the same way that he was coming down, and I was actually going to be like, ‘Hey, good job, Nick.’ But he’s coming towards me and he starts mad-dogging me! I was like, really? You’re really going to mad-dog me right now? You just fought for 25 minutes!”

“Before I knew it, he had a water bottle hidden down by his side and he threw it at me. I moved out of the way and it hit Ryan Parsons in the stomach. I was like, ‘Man Ryan, he doesn’t like you.’ Then we got into some kind of juvenile ‘F— you’ match. I was like, ‘F— you bro, you’re not even going to do anything.'”

“Actually, as he was walking off or being ushered off, I was like, ‘Hey, it’s cool, just stay at 170.’ Since that’s his whole thing is, he won’t fight me because he’s at 170. Even though he’ll fight KJ, who’s not at 170. That’s cool for KJ to have to come up, but he won’t fight me even though he’s talking all this s— on me for like five years now, and jumped me on national television.”

“I’ve been begging for the fight. If the fight doesn’t happen it’s not my fault. It’s not Strikeforce’s fault, because they want it. So that leaves one person. Don’t be scared, homie.”

With both men calling for the other man to come to their optimal weight class, it makes us wonder if all this hype is in vein. We can only hope at this point that Strikeforce can get these two to handle it in the ring we see it on TMZ from some small smartphone camera.