He may have came up short in his title shot in the UFC, but he’s proven that his new home at welterweight in Strikeforce is a good fit. Nate Marquardt has defeated the formerly undefeated Tyron Woodley in a dominant fashion  to earn the vacant title. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Woodley lands first with a high kick. Marduardt catches a kick to the crotch but skips the offered five minute break. Right hook catches Marquardt coming in and Marquardt knocked back a few feet. Woodley stopped by a clinch grabbed by Marquardt. Straight right drops Woodley now and follows up with a guillotine. Woodley out and eats a high kick. Woodley looks shakey as they begin exchanging again. Woodley gets the clinch and Marquardt ducks his head and eats a knee. Woodley gets it to the cage and Marquardt exchanges with ease.

Round Two:
Marquardt takes center and stalks. Low leg lands for Marquardt. spinning back-fist blocked by Marquardt. Straight right lands on Woodley. Marquardt continues low legs while Woodley looks tentative. Spinning back kick lands for Marquardt. Straight right catches Woodley again and followed by an inside trip. Woodley on has back only for a short period as he slips up.

Round Three:
Woodley comes out aggressive and lands back to back combinations early, dropping Marquardt. Woodley swarms, Marquardt throws an armbar, but Woodley escapes. Now in guard, Woodley looks to soften from the top. Ref. stands them as Marquardt controls the posture. Superman misses for Woodley. Lead left catches Marquardt. Marquardt grabs a neck tie and lands an uppercut. In the clinch, Marquardt slips some elbows to his opponents face as the round ends.

Round Four:
Marquardt comes out aggressive and lands a straight right to the body. Straight right lands on the chin of Woodley. Huge counter to combo lands on Woodley. Cross lands across the jaw for Marquardt.  Against the fence, Marquardt tees off with an elbow to hook to uppercut to finish. Woodley is out before he hits the canvas as the new champ strolls away before it’s waived off.

Marquardt a former top middleweight contender in the UFC was cut for excessive levels of testosterone. Since the cut, Marquardt has claimed to have dropped TRT use all together. It was over a year layoff prior to the victory for the newly crowned champ. He was last seen taking out Dan Miller in March of 2011.