Former UFC heavyweight champion, Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia will try his luck at professional wrestling later this month in Japan – and will be joined by fellow heavyweights Josh Barnett, Bobby Lashley and Bob Sapp. Barnett and Sapp have wrestled professionally in Japan, and Lashley of course was a professional wrestler for the WWE and TNA before trying out MMA.

A source close to Sylvia’s camp told MMA Fighting on Friday that a deal is in place for Sylvia to take part in two fights, with the first coming in two weeks – and that first bout is likely to come against Barnett. The source also said Lashley and Sapp will compete for the same promotion.

Sylvia made a vague reference to the deal on his Twitter account on Friday, saying: “O ya japan in 2 weeks pro wrestling.”

Exact terms of the deal, as well as which promotion, were not disclosed to the press as of yet, but it is believed Sylvia’s two fights will each be one three-minute round.