Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (9-1) continues his climb back to a title shot as he defeats formerly undefeated Lorenz Larkin (12-1) in Las Vegas, NV. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Mo comes out with the opening jab to single leg take-down. Mo in the guard rains down some big punches to Larkins noggin. Larkin briefly kicks Mo off, but Mo quickly jumps into half guard. Mo drops elbows from half guard after posturing. Larkin closes the guard. Mo again GNPs Larkin. Lawal goes to the abs again and again in the guard. Ref. Winslow stands them oddly. Larkin throws a wild left uppercut that barel misses. The round ends with Larkin landing a small flurry at the bell.

Round Two:
Mo comes forward faking the takedown. Lawal shoots the single and Larkin fights it off but Mo finishes as he rushes the hips. In the guard Larkin holds the head of Mo. Mo breaks posture and starts raining down punches to the head of Larkin with the left hand holding the head of his target.

The official TKO comes at 1:32 of Round two.

Lawal a new addition to the San Jose, AKA camp showed that he has continued to improve, now holding victories over Roger Gracie, Lorenz Larkin, Gegard Mousasi, and Mike Whitehead.