Former UFC welterweight star Karo Parisyan may be returning to the cage very soon, just not an octagon cage. Sources at say that Parisyan is currently in negotiations with Strikeforce promotions. Parisyan may even be added to the June 16, Los Angeles card since he is a hometown favorite from North Hollywood.

Parisyan (18-5) was known in the UFC for his high-level Judo throws, becoming a quick up-and-comer beating out some of the divisions best such as Nick Diaz, Chris Lytle, and Matt Serra .

In a scheduled bout against Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 88 Parisyan pulled out of the fight only hours before weigh-ins. Parisyan later came out publicly saying that he was battling depression and anxiety during training for the fight and was in no condition to compete.

After a win over Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94 in Jan. 2009, Parisyan was suspended by Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for banned painkillers.

After the suspension was finished, Parisyan was scheduled to fight Dustin Hazlett as UFC 106, but pulled out of the fight a day before weigh-ins angering UFC President Dana White to the point that he twittered that Parisyan would never fight in the UFC again.

Since November 2007, “The Heat” is 0-1 with 1 no contest. His overall record is 18-5-0 (1 NC).

Parisyan never publicly announced what was the reason for his drop-out of the fight but had talked openly about why he pulled out of the cards but it is rumored that he had been struggling with an addiction to painkillers after a serious back injury.