Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza defends his middleweight title for the first time against Robbie Lawler with a third round submission at Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg in San Jose. Here is the play-by-play.


The two touch gloves. Lawler throws a few faints and surprisingly circles Souzas strong hand. Souza misses with high kick. Lawler throws a flying knee and misses but follows with jab. Souza uses position to take Lawler down. Souza is now in side control, attacks arm with a keylock but Lawler recognizes. Jacare goes for head and arm as Lawler losens up. Lawler lands a flying knee and rushes in as Souza wobbles. Lawler knocks Souza down but oddly follows Souza into  guard giving him a chance to recover. Lawler is now stuck in guard unable to posture. McCarthy stands the two for the last 15 seconds and Lawler takes advantage but unable to finish. Caged Insider gives Robbie Lawler the round 10-9.


Souza dodges a straight kick and shoots and dumps Lawler against the fence. Souza gets full mount but Lawler quickly moves to half-guard. Souza lands some shots from the top. Souza almost catches an arm triangle but Lawler slips out. Jacare moves to North – South and then to side control. Jacare continues landing straights from the top. Jacare attempts to move to mount and Lawler moves back to half guard. Souza works back to side control. Jacare continues his ground and pound. Souza attempts a knee bar and switches to armbar and Lawler gets out. Another chained armbar and Lawler gets out again! Caged Insider gives Jacare the round 10-9


Lawler backs up as Souza comes forward with muay thai clinch. Souza moves to single leg and Lawler sprawls. Second attempt Souza gets takedown into half guard. Souza takes Lawlers back with figure four. Souza defeats Lawler with Rear naked choke!
Time 2:00 Round 3.

Jacare now carries notable wins over Robbie Lawler, Tim Kennedy, Joey Villasenor,¬† Matt Lindland, and Jason “Mayhem” Miller.