The man who won a Heisman Trophy in college and ran for more than 13,000 yards in 15 years in professional football believes mixed martial arts is a safer endeavor.

“People shy away from it because they think it’s a brutal, brutal sport, and I’ve said, ‘Guys, MMA is safer than football and boxing,’ ” Walker said Monday during a conference call. “And people tell me they don’t believe it. Am I not the most credible person to give you the answer to that? Because I played football.”

Walker is scheduled to face Scott Carson on Saturday (10 p.m. ET, Showtime) for Strikeforce. It will be Walker’s second MMA bout, nearly a year after his professional fighting debut.

MMA is safer than football because mixed martial arts allows tapouts and calls for referees can stop the action as soon as a fighter is too stunned to defend himself, Walker said.

“Football you have all the concussions, all the types of joint injuries,” he said. “Whereas in MMA, if you get knocked out, the referee can stop it. Or you can tap out.”

Source: USA Today