According to several different sources, Georges St. Pierre and long time manager Shari Spencer, have decided to no longer do business together.

The news reported the split as mutual stating ‘They felt they had a different vision for the future of Georges’ career and it was best to remain close personally but dissolve their business relationship.’

But an inside source says that was not the case at all; ‘ They said it was amicable,” a source close to the situation said. “Georges was just being nice. It was not. Essentially, he just fired her.’

But what is the REAL story? Many say that the split was a long time coming and no one was surprised. And although Spencer has been credited with some of GSP’s best deals, it was only after he signed with Creative Arts Agency in 2008.

“St. Pierre is good looking, articulate, and easy to work with,” one agent said under conditions of anonymity. “Almost anyone could have made these deals happen for him. He is the perfect spokesman for the sport. I give Shari credit for one thing: she knew she was overmatched and was brave enough to bring in outside help to do what she couldn’t.”

But some are saying St. Pierre is the reason why she looked like such a great manager. Another top agent in the game was quoted saying this;

“It’s about the fighter not the agent. Give me the right client and I will show you how easy it is to look great. Give me a client who is a loser and can’t be controlled, one who complains like everything is someone else’s fault, and I will show you how bad I can look. GSP is an agent’s dream. Seems like many dreams in this case; when you wake up its not there any more.”

It looks like what it really came down to was money. GSP paid Spencer 20% of all the deals she made for him, but after signing with Creative Arts Agency, St. Pierre felt he could cut out the middle-woman. For now, CAA is the only one representing the fighter and his close friend Rodolphe Beaulieu will in as a manager.