The injury ‘curse’ seems to have made its way over to Strikeforce promotions as well. Former UFC champ Frank Mir has been forced to pull out from his headline fight against Daniel Cormier due to (reportedly) a knee injury. The two were expected to go head to head on Nov. 3 in Oklahoma City, but now the Zuffa organization will need to scatter to find a new headliner big enough to carry the card.

For the undefeated Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix winner Daniel Cormier the news could not be worse. After dispatching of all top heavyweights in the organization, Cormier was forced to take a short hiatus due to a broken hand. The presumed top heavyweight contender had then fought through injuries (as seen on Fight Factory) to keep the card alive, only to now lose the contender that would vie exposure and legitimacy to his own UFC title shot.

The top heavyweights in MMA is a short list, and with most tied up it will be no easy task to find the best replacement. If you have any suggestions, will be glad to pass along the word to Strikeforce match-maker Sean Shelby.