Rafael Feijão (10-2) takes King Mo Lawal off his throne early in round three in their light heavyweight championship bout, via TKO – Round 3, 1:14.

Both men came out quickly in round one. Lawal takes Feijao’s back standing and lifts him up about three feet and slams Feijao down. Lawal stays on the outside and picks his punches as Feijao stays reserved with his jabs early. Feijao lands a big uppercut and follows up with a knee that Lawal walks right through. Feigaio throws two more knees to the stomach of Lawal. Lawal ducks a punch and mockingly stays squatting. CagedInsider.com has Lawal 10-9 to win the round.

Round two starts with Mo doing much more fakes. Mo switches to southpaw and starts tossing haymakers. Feijao lands a kick to the chest of Mo, and Mo uses to take down Feijao. Mo works some punches from the guard, and Feijao’s able to get back to his feet. King Mo starts working the mid-section of Feijao. Both men throw big haymakers, missing. Mo returns to orthodox despite his success in southpaw. Feijao works some good jabs, but gets close to being taken down at the bell. CagedInsider.com has Lawal 10-9 to win the 2nd round also.

Round three, both men come out slow and Feijao explodes on Mo dazzing him time and time again. Mo grabs on to his shins but takes elbows until Big John McCarthy is forced to stop the fight. Feijao win early in round three by TKO.

Feijão has won his last two bouts, with his most recent win over Antwain Britt via KO, at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery in May. Eight of Feijão’s wins have been by KO.