Fedor in Triange to Werdum

Interviewer: Fedor, how do you feel?

Fedor Emelianenko: Good, don’t feel anything special.

We, the fans, feel for you.

FE: Thank you.

On the possible rematch with Werdum:

FE: If Fabricio Werdum agrees on a rematch, of course I would like to have one. I became the victim of my own mistakes. Things like that happen.

Did you prepare yourself in the discipline of Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Do you think that it was a mistake that you did not bring a BJJ specialist to train with?

FE: No. I don’t train Ju Jitsu at all. I train in Sambo. Sambo is a superior fighting/grappling system. That night it was my own mistake that caused theI loss (not a mistake made in training & preparation). I was overconfident.

About the date of the rematch:

FE: I would be glad to take the rematch at any time. But this is a question for Vadim and Strikeforce.
I do not take these decisions myself.

Fabricio Werdum was very positive and open to do a rematch in Russia. What do you think about this?

FE: If Fabricio organizes it, I would be glad (everybody laughs; Fedor is refering to he difficulties that M1 are having to promote MMA events in Russia).

Source: CliqueZone.com