Fedor Emelianenko and the UFC…it’s an ongoing saga. Fedor is now stating that he once again would consider a move the UFC. Even though just last week he was making comment about how he disliked the picture the organization portrayed saying it gave the sport a bad image. But now “The Last Emperor” seems to be retracting his statements.

“I did not want to offend the UFC in any way,” said Fedor. “What I meant is, I don’t like to watch fights in general. My main concern is what kind of culture I bring, myself.”

Fedor will be headlining tomorrow night’s Strikeforce event, where he will be taking on Fabricio Werdum, after this bout he will have on more left within his contract with Strikeforce.

“It has always been for me that some fighters would appear and people would want to see me in matches against these fighters. That will always happen,” he said. “As for the UFC, when my contract with Strikeforce is over – I have two fights left on my contract – the UFC will have the time and the opportunity to prepare and offer a contract that may be interesting to me.”

Fedor!!! Quit messing with our heads!!  You just never know what to expect with this guy…