Recent victor over MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, Fabricio Werdum has voiced that he will be undergoing a much needed elbow surgery that had been put off for sometime. The high-level grappler said he would like to return at 100-percent. Unfortunately the surgery would put the contender out of the cage until next year to give the recovery time needed and to get back in a three month camp.

“Everything has changed for better for me. That was very important. I’ve gotten over 30 phone calls a day in my gym after the win, more students have come, the seminar value went up. It’s like at any other profession, a singer, soccer player, as you develop and get the spotlight the value changes. After the seminars I will undergo a surgery on my elbow that I have put off for some time. We’re in July and I only want to come back 100-percent recovered. I think it’s hard to make it back this year due the physical therapy, conditioning and all else. Then I might just get back next year.”

The reports have been that M-1 is almost demanding an immediate rematch of Emelianenko – Werdum, if Emelianenko is to stay with the organization. With the news of Werdum taking a long layoff, will the last Emperor be willing to sit around for the rematch? With only one fight left on Emelianenko’s contract with Strikeforce promotions, it may not be a good move to give Emelianenko a title shot against Overeem as he could possibly leave the organization with the belt in hand, as their middleweight champ Jake Shields recently did.

Source: Super Lutas