Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Daniel Cormier faced off in the Strikeforce heavyweight semi-finals at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio Sat., Sept. 10. Here is the full live play-by-play and results of the event.

Round One
Ref. Greg Franklin (brother of Rich Franklin) starts the action. The two start off feeling each other. Silva rushes forward pushing Cormier against the fence with no punches landed. They reset and Cormier drops Bigfoot with a big counter overhand right. Cormier allows the big man get up. D.C. lands two big left crosses, again dropping Silva. Cormier allows him to stand. Silva throws a slow kick that is caught and Cormier sweeps him to the ground. Cormier lets him stand again. Silva now lands a flurry of punches of his own. Cormier catches a left hook to the head and follows with an uppercut that puts Bigfoot down on the canvas. Cormier goes to follow up but is quickly stopped by ref.  D.C. is now 9-0 undefeated, making his camp AKA 4-0tonight as he points out in his post-fight interview.

Daniel Cormier receives the KO of Antonio “Bigfoot” Sillva at 3:56 of round one.