He’s overcame all obstacles to become the no. 1, undefeated heavyweight in Strikeforce. Only problem is how will Zuffa find a heavyweight willing to make the move to the lower platform, Strikeforce promotion to challenge Cormier in his first and last Strikeforce bout? The fact that it’s a one and done deal may heighten the appeal, but who would be that perfect opponent? During a recent sit down with the MMA Hour, Cormier had someone in mind that he believes would be up for the challenge.

“I think if there is a plus one and Zuffa’s going to send someone over it is going to have to be someone that is very good you know? Maybe Carwin, as he’s coming back. He’s a guy with a lot of name value and I don’t necessarily know if that’s a step up (from Josh Barnett) but that is somebody with name value. Or, if one of the guys loses from the card this weekend. But then it really limits because if Frank Mir loses I’m pretty sure he is not going to want to come to Strikeforce to fight me where if he loses he has everything to lose. When Cain beats Bigfoot Silva, what are they going to do, send him (Silva) back to Strikeforce to fight me again? Nothing really adds up right now, I don’t know, I don’t know how to guess what they are going to do. There just is not that many step ups out there better than Josh Barnett. Especially that Josh Barnett. That Josh Barnett was 248 pounds, was in shape, was going hard, we had every intention on getting it down Saturday night, but that dude Saturday night came to fight. There are not too many guys that are a step up from that Josh Barnett that showed up on Saturday.”

Cormier will need sometime to heal his re-injured fractured hand before returning. Carwin had made the announcement on Inside MMA that he will in fact be making his return shortly as well, which may have sparked the idea of the match-up. Either way, Cormier doesn’t see many men in the same skill-set as Barnett, especially willing to step down from the top of the UFC heavyweight division.