Following an entertaining Saturday night of action from Strikeforce promotions, UFC president Dana White revoked his support of the newly acquired league. White tweeted “Tell Showtime, they run that shit. I’m Out. 100-percent UFC” Why? White is unhappy with the production done by the Strikeforce partners over at Showtime, specifically  their lack of changes that White himself requested be updated with the new Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza.

A few minor tweaks that we thought would make the live show better. These guys are letting a D-level producer run their organization, and that’s exactly what I told Espinoza,” White said. “You want to let a D-level producer run your organization? Go for it brother. Knock yourself out. I’ve got [expletive] to do. I’ve got another job.”

Prior to the news White had planned to miss Friday’s UFC in Australia card to attend the Strikeforce in Ohio card Saturday. White now in retrospect is glad he did not.

I almost missed the first UFC fight in 11 years, and then I get the phone call from Pete Dropick when I’m in Japan,” White said. “‘Yeah, listen, they’re not going to change pretty much any of the stuff you wanted.’ So I said, ‘[Expletive] them.’

This does not mean that Strikeforce is dead in the water, however this is a huge blow to Strikeforce’s marketing as Dana White is credited with much of the UFC’s success. White has also verified that he will not stop doing anything he is contractually obligated to do.


The positive thing is we own Strikeforce,” White said. “Strikeforce is never going to suck. We own it. The fights are going to be great. There’s going to be a better in-house show and all that stuff.

I’m going to do what I’m contractually obligated to do. I’m contractually obligated to Showtime to do certain things, and I’m going to do them.”

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