Nearly everyone was surprised at how poorly UFC vet Dan Henderson did at Strikeforce: Nashville, against Jake Shields. The fighter was taken down repeatedly for a painful 25 minutes, where Shields finally won via unanimous decision.

One contributing factor to this loss was Henderson’s weight. At the weigh-ins the night before, Henderson stepped on the scale and unfortunately couldn’t make the 185lbs. weight limit. Henderson let it be known that he struggled in the months before the fight with cutting the weight, but it wasn’t just a few stubborn pounds he couldn’t lose, it actually had to do with  medication the fighter was taking for back pain. Henderson explained recently on MMA Weekly Radio;

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“It was just some medication I had took for my back that kind of helped keep the weight on me, and it just has to do with the pain I guess,” Henderson stated. “I was just real flat that fight, and the weight cut really zapped me.”

Henderson has since stopped taking the pain medication and will be returning to the cage at his most comfortable weight of 205lbs. This decision was not based on the fact that he lost his latest fight at middleweight, but merely that his upcoming bout is against Babalu Sobral, who is a light-heavyweight. Hendo is not done with middleweight for good though;

“I never minded fighting at either weight, with the exception of my last fight,” Henderson said.

Henderson comes from a wrestling background, so cutting weight isn’t a big deal to him, but he explained it’s easier to stay at 205 and be able to focus on his training rather than losing the pounds.

“I just think it’s funner to not have to cut weight,” he said.

Now that the weight issues are behind him, Henderson says he is looking forward to his fast approaching bout with Sobral;

“This is a good match-up and has potential to be real exciting for the fans.”