When you’re suspended from fighting in Strikeforce or the UFC, it doesn’t just affect your career, apparently it moves into your personal life as well. Many wondered where Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos was when Ronda Rousey called her out after defeating Sarah Kaufman last weekend. It seems as though Cyborg had been there in attendance, but when the main bout came around, she was asked to leave in a very ‘disrespectful’ manor according to Santos.

“I watched all fights but the last one, Ronda’s, [because] a woman working on the event came to tell me I had to leave because the commission doesn’t accept suspended athletes on the shows. My manager talked to the guys at the commission and there’s really a law that says that. I was upset for the way they treated me. They could’ve pulled me on a corner and told me, not in front of the fans. I was taking pictures and they interrupted me, saying I had to go. It was very disrespectful. I believe a champion deserves to be treated with respect. Everyone knows an athlete’s life isn’t easy, so all fighters deserve respect. When I was in Brazil I watched UFC and there was no problem.”

It does seem rather odd though, as others have pointed out, that Cyborg was allowed to stay through all the events except the main bout featuring Ronda Rousey and Sarah Kaufman.