With Randy Couture and Brandon Vera just fighting in UFC 105, and Couture beating Vera by unanimous decision, it seems they may get a second chance at another bout…but this time it’s with their wives.

Kerry Vera and Kim “Sugar Free” Couture, will enter the octagon against each other tomorrow night at the Strikeforce Challengers 5 event in Kansas City. This will be the first time in MMA history the wives of two fighters will go against one another.

Kim Couture, 33, defeated Lina Kvokov in a first-round TKO, at her second professional bout at Strikeforce “Destruction” in November of last year. She was scheduled for a bout against Meisha Tate last April, but had to withdraw due to impending divorce proceedings with now ex-hubby Randy. Kim also lost unanimously against Kim Rose at Banner Promotions “Night of Combat” last June.

Kerry Vera, 27, made her first professional MMA debut in May, at Bellator Fighting Championships, winning in a unanimous decision over Leslie Smith. She was also the winner of the 2007 “Fight Girls”, a reality show on the Oxygen channel, that followed the training of 10 female muay Thai fighters through an elimination competition in Thailand.

Being that I’m a chick and all, I can honestly say I’m pretty stoked to see this fight tomorrow night. Anyone can and should appreciate two chicks kicking each others’ asses with some sweet moves [hopefully] mixed in, especially when it’s Randy Couture and Brandon Vera’s wives. Ladies get pumped!!