Undefeated, and now crowned.

Daniel Cormier has defeated all heavyweights in his path up the tourney ladder to gain the Strikeforce heavyweight title. Here is the full play by play of the nights action.

Round One:
They touch gloves and start. Barnettt comes forward with a snapping left jab. Cormier starts to land. Barnett counters with a right hook in the pocket. Barnett tagged to the face and body. Barnett comes forward regardless and lands a knee to the body. Barnett sneaks an elbow toss that lands standing, similar to Jones vs. Evans. Does not work on his second attempt. Cormier lands a right. High front kick just misses for Cormier. Barnett clinches but unable to use as Cormier escapes. Barnett rocks Cormier as he rushes forward with a right that busts the left eye of Cormier.

Round Two:
Cormier lands on the chin and Barnett looks surprisingly not phased. Cormier lands a huge uppercut. Single leg gets Barnett down. Cormier now working try to pass the guard. Cormier is ground and pounding well now as he stays busy. Cormier sees Barnett going for the leg submissions, and quickly jumps away. Cormier jumps back in the guard and continues to grind the face of Barnett. Cormier is throwing bombs from the guard as the round ends.

Round Three:
Both men now bloodied as they touch gloves. Barnett gets the clinch to the fence. Cormier slips away. High switch kick just misses for Barnett. Single leg switched to high crotch gets the huge throwing takedown. Barnett gets to his feet. Cormier just dodges the high leg kick. Cormier attempts the single and its defended. High leg kick lands for Cormier and he goes to capitalize with an onslaught. Barnett covers up and counters with a head kick. Cormier resets and is able to come close to taking the back of Barnett as the round ends.

Round Four:
Barnett looks to come forward aggressively. lands a head body combo. High head kick lands on target for Cormier. Barnett misses with spinning back-fist. Cormier shoots the single again and gets it, but it was bait for Barnett as he grabs a heel hook. Cormier is luckily slippery enough to escape. Cormier goes to the guard but unable to advance from their and the Ref. stands them. Barnett pushes it to the fence in the clinch as the round ends.

Round Five:
Body kick lands for Barnett. Barnett ties it up against the fence. Cormier is starting to dance around with foot work and gets the takedown with ease. Barnett able to stand quickly almost suffers a hip toss, but able to twist away.  Cormier keeps it tied up against the fence for 30 sec. of the 40 last seconds and side strife for the final 10 seconds.

Daniel Cormier defeats Josh Barnett via unanimous decision 49-49, 50-45, 50-45

With victories over the likes of heavyweights, Josh Barnett, Antonio Silva, and Jeff Monson, there is no question that he is ready for a UFC top five heavyweight. Whether the promotion will stick to its original plan of having the champ defend once or make an immediate appearance at the UFC is unknown at this point.