Even though Andrei Arlovski didn’t win his bout against Antonio Silva at last night’s “Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker says that Arlovski still has a home in the organization.

This will be Arlovski’s third loss in a row, but regardless, Coker had good things to say about the fighter;

“I thought he fought a great fight,” said Coker. “We look forward to having him back and this is just the beginning for Andrei and Strikeforce.”

Coker reported that Strikeforce is already thinking about a rematch between Arlovski and Brett Rogers, who also lost at last night’s event to heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem in the first round.

And although Arlovski is disappointed with his defeat, the fighter did feel had a small triumph in his fight with Silva.

“It was better than my fights with Emelianenko and Rogers, but obviously, I didn’t do enough tonight,” said Arlovski. “I did OK. I took his couple shots straight on my chin. He hit me with a good couple of right hands and I took them.”

Arlovski was also surprised at the fact that Silva, who is known for his ground game, opted to keep the fight on its feet.

“My boxing wasn’t great tonight because I waited too much. I didn’t move to my right how I used to do,” said Arlovski. “But, I guess, I stuck a little bit more than my last two fights with my game plan.”

“The game plan was very simple: straight, hard punches and move to my right,” said Arlovski. “Obviously, I didn’t do it enough and I could have used more combinations of three, four, five punches.”

Even though Arlovski put up a good fight with Silva, he just couldn’t seem to keep “Bigfoot” down long enough to do much.

“I have a lot to work on,” said Arlovski. “It wasn’t my night.”

But lucky for Andrei, Coker seems set on keeping him with the organization and wants to give the fighter a chance to rebound his MMA career, perhaps with Brett Rogers.

“When we started talking about opponents with Leo (Arlovski’s manager) about two or three months ago and we said, ‘Giant Silva,’ to be off 11 months and to have that thrown in your lap as your first fight back, I think that’s a big task,” said Coker. “Andrei could have easily said no, but he stepped up to the task. We’re happy to have him and he’s going to move forward and we’re going to move forward with him and put him back in the mix sooner than later.”