Today the National Football League fined Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan for flipping the bird to some taunting fans at this past weekend’s “Strikeforce:Miami.”

On Monday, Ryan released a statement where he apologized for the act, which unfortunately for Ryan was caught on camera by a fan and given to the media. So there is no way he can deny what happened.

During an interview with a Showtime reporter at the Strikeforce event, Ryan was being booed by the 8,000 plus fans so loudly, that his interview could hardly be heard.

Ryan seemed to not be bothered, as during the interview he laughed and made a joke towards the crowd that the NY Jets will beat the Miami Dolphins twice next year.

The booing kept going, even after the interview finished and Ryan seemed to have enough. He then proceeded to turn around and flip off a large group of fans, and the pic spread like wildfire on the internet.

NFL officials said they are planning to “investigate  the incident” and even another fine may be issued to Ryan from the league.