It’s looking grim for UFC’s sister organization Strikeforce. Not long after the promotion was forced to cancel their event due to headliner Gilbert Melendez suffering injury, they find that not only did they lose the Nov. 3 headline, but they’ve also lost the co-main between champ Luke Rockhold and Lorenz Larkin. Rockhold is reported to have suffered a wrist injury which will keep him from the title defense attempt.

Oklahoma City may still have a card with a little over a month to pull it together, as the search is said to still be on to find headliner Daniel Cormier a match-up, which has proved easier said than done as UFC opponents are refusing the fight. With a rocky 2012 suffered by Strikeforce many MMA pundits are quickly predicting the impending demise of the long running promotion. With UFC and Showtime still in contract, it is in Showtimes hands if the lack of talent becomes too much for the premium network to deal with.