Strikeforce newbie Chad Griggs (9-1), pulls off an impressive win over heavy crowd favorite, Bobby Lashley via verbal tap-out at the end of round two.

Lashley quickly took Griggs down through out the first round, seemingly at will. Lashley then controlled top position moving easily through the guard for most of the fight, but did get caught with an uppercut shooting in on Griggs , opening up a big gash below the eye which started to leak badly during the end of round one.

In round two Lashley repeated his tactics throughout the fight. Lashley ended up getting stuffed on a takedown late in the end of the second round, giving Griggs a chance to tee off on his head until Lashley was forced to verbally tap after the bell.

Notably: Griggs last fight was against Jon Alexander at RIW:Ultimate Style Fighting , where Griggs’s KO’d him via elbows.

Following the bout Lashley had to be rushed out on a stretcher