The man they call “Bigfoot” Antonio Silva shocks the mma hardcore fans again, becoming only the second man to defeat the legendary Fedor Emelianenko.  Here is the live play by plays.

Round One:
Big Foot throws the first kick that lands. Fedor leaps with viscous over hand rights and lefts. Fedor gets caught with a counter coming in but shakes off and changes up stance and starts jabbing. Silva pushes Emelianenko against the fence and works out. Silva lands a straight right that tags Emelianenko’s right eye. Emelianenko’s eye looks to be closing slightly. Silva pushes Fedor against the fence. Emelianenko attempted guillotine and Silva attempts a slam, and Fedor uses the guillotine to stay in control. Silva gets side control and attempts the keylock, transfers to kimura and Silva breaks away standing. Silva gets Emelianenko against the fence and Silva catches Emelianenko on the chin. Emelianenko clinches and again Emelianenko is taken down to finish the round.

Round Two:

Right away Silva gets the takedown into half guard. Silva drops some bombs and Fedor shrimps but unable to get away. The crowd is chanting “Fedor, Fedor” as he is stuck under the larger man. Silva moves to full mount and gives his back, then gets close to a rear naked choke. Fedor goes back to getting full mount and gets bloodied. Silva gets the head and arm choke and locked in and some how magically Fedor gets out and into half guard. The last 30 seconds Silva goes for a knee bar and Fedor escapes to finish the round. Fedor’s right eye is now completely shut now and Dan Mergliata has called a stop to the fight.

Silva now has notable wins in MMA over Fedor Emelianenko, Mike Kyle, Andrei Arlovski, and Ricco Rodriguez.