Strikeforce heavyweight contender Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has let it be known that he does not think highly of the current UFC champion Brock Lesnar. During a recent interview with Silva explained that he feel Velasquez and Dos Santos have a higher level of skill then the former WWE star, Lesnar and will fall prey very soon. Here is the original interview.

Big Foot Silva: Man, Werdum was very determined. I’m a person who believes a lot in God and, on my fight against him, he was losing on the first round, the second was tied, but he made it up and beat me. He didn’t beat me for any reason. God put Fedor on Werdum’s way because He knew he’s beat that guy. It wasn’t my moment, it was Werdum’s moment to shine. On my fight with Arlovski, I had the chance to talk to Werdum and I told him: “Werdum, there’re fighters who always get inside the cage as the favorites, but it doesn’t mean a thing, man. Go there and bring this win to us. Everybody knows he’s the favorite, but no one is unbeatable”. He, right away, answered me: “I’ll win”. He was very determined, he had positive thoughts in his mind and thinking positive makes good things come to you. He deserved that, he’s to be congratulated and the win came to Brazil. Now Werdum is “the” man.

Tateme: About the heavyweight of UFC, how do you see the domain of Brock Lesnar, who is coming from a surprisingly win over Shane Carwin, and the growth of Junior Cigano?

Big Foot Silva: Lesnar had a hard time on the first round, but got the guy on the second. I think that if Carwin had a little more conditioning, he would have got the win. I don’t believe that Brock Lesnar deserves to be considered the number one of the ranking because I think that, if Werdum beat the number one, the right thing would be for him to become the number one. How can you beat the number one and be considered number two? I think this ranking is kind of crazy sometimes… There’s no way of a guy fighting only six times and becoming the number one of the ranking. And what about the history Fedor made in MMA? Just because of one loss, now he’s number three and a guy with only six fights on his professional record is the number one. That’s crazy, man. About Cigano, I’m sure he’ll be the next champion of Ultimate. He’s young, has a lot of disposition, has a sharp Boxing, it’s hard to put him down and I’m sure Cigano will become the next champion of UFC. The only one how can make a tough fight with him is (Cain) Velasquez, who is a complete fighter, a good wrestler, bangs quite well, has a good ground game… But I’m sure Cigano will become the champion of this division. I’m sure he’s back in Brazil and will spend some time with his family and then come back to the trainings and I know he’ll become the champion.