Check that out! Cesar Gracie has a new student, and it happens to be former WWE superstar Batista. The full camp looks to to be there, from Jake Shields, to Gilbert Milendez, to the Diaz brothers.

As Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker voiced yesterday, that if he were to sign Batista, he would need him in a pro training camp to start off. So it looks like the possibility of a Lashley vs Batista for the title of best WWE star turned MMA (in Strikeforce) may be on. Then again 41 is a bit late to start MMA Batista, and I seem to remember Jose Canseco training with Cesar Gracie as well..

Not anything against the camp as they have proven time and time again that the Cesar Gracie camp breeds champions, but could this be a trend of training athletes turned MMA for “freak fights” as UFC President Dana White puts it?