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TJ Dillashaw Smashes Cody Garbrandt

This weekend’s UFC 227 installment features two of the best bantamweights around, with champ TJ Dillashaw defending his belt against Cody Garbrandt.

In case you don’t know, this is Dillashaw’s second reign as king, with this crown coming after knocking Garbrandt out last November. It was an action-packed fight, in a division that’s ripe with action.

So much action, in fact, that it’s worth taking a quick journey down memory lane in regards to the greatest moments in bantamweight division history.

First up: Dillashaw’s battle against Garbrandt, at UFC 217.

There was an entire season of TUF devoted to stoking the flames of some sort of rivalry between these gentlemen – something about hard feelings from when they were both Team Alpha Male members. But ultimately, it was a badass fight, with each man gaining the upper hand in violent fashion until that sudden and very final ending.

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